Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hazrat Dastgeer Sahab – Guru of Gurus…

I am in Shrinagar, Kashmir.

It is so heartening to hear the news of the revered shrine of Hazrat Dastgeer Sahab in Khanyar in Shrinagar is gutted in a major fire. Matter of great relief is the invaluable relics in the shrine are safe.
In my two months stay in Shrinagar, I have met many Hindu and Muslim devotees of the shrine of Dastgeer Sahab. All of them have expressed such great love and respect for the shrine that they visit regular to express their mannats (wishes).

The great Pir Dastgeer Sahab has a great place in the history of Sufism. My love for Sufism has drawn me long back to the Kadri branch of it which is initiated by Hazrat Abdul Kadir Jeelani (1978 AD – 1166 AD) who is popularly known as Dastgeer Sahab.  He is a pioneer of a special message of love that the sect started by him has given to the humanity. No wonder he is with such love and respect called as Piraan Pir (Guru of Gurus). It won’t be exaggeration to credit this great saint from Baghdad for the message of love and peace which guided millions to meet their spiritual goal.

Dastgeer Sahab represents that wonderful thought of spiritual world where the ‘divine realization’ is attained through ‘the pure devotion to the God (Allah). Two compilations based on his teachings namely, Al – Fatah – Al – Rabbani and Fatuh – Al – Gaib are available that are guiding spiritual journey of many.

Frankly speaking I have not gone through these in detail, but I have fondly read the teachings of Hazrat Anayat Shah and Hazrat Bulleshah Kadri Shatari. Both these great Saints from Punjab have guided millions in India and around. I have been completely inspired by the teachings of Hazarat Bulle Shah. Dastgeer Sahab has laid the foundation of the school of thought that these to saints represent.

Sai Bulle Shah says about the Sufi lineage he represents:

Piraan Pir Baghdad asaada
Murshad takht Lahore
Oh asi sab ikko koi
Aap guddi aap dor.

Liberal translation of this will mean, “The great Pir Dastgeer, who is known as Pir of Pirs is from Baghdad and Murshid Anayat Shah is from Lahore. Both of them have attracted me to their teachings and they hold the strings in their hand that controls me”

Hazrat Muhammad Gaus, Miyan Mir, Hazarat Anayat Shah, Hazrat Bulle Shah are the great torch bearers of the thought of love Dastgeer Sahab spread in this world. Hazrat Miyan Mir who was great friend with Guru Ramdas, has laid the foundation of Harmandir Sahab, i. e. Swarna Mandir of Amritsar.
Most important teaching of Dastgeer Sahab is ‘Neki’ and ‘Bandagi’ which means purity of mind and devotion to the Supreme Being i.e.  God. He also insisted that the divine grace cannot be experienced unless one sets himself ego –free.

In the testing times through which the whole world and especially Kashmir is going, teachings of Dastgeer Sahab are an importance source of inspiration.

I am sure, my Kashmiri brothers and sisters will place the relics of Dastgeer Sahab in a newly built grand shrine and pay respect to the great messenger of love and global brotherhood.

Samarth Yogi Arwind