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It is beyond Zero. Zero doesn’t fit into it! Gorakh Nath

Gorakh Nath has caught my imagination more than any other saint, philosopher & guide. His philosophy and the language is so captivating for obvious reasons like upfront style of communication, use of very apt phrases, clarity of the concepts, innovative methodology and no-nonsense approach to the spiritual journey.

Kabir, Raidas, Haridas, Dadu, Namdev etc are the saints of the same tradition of which Gorakh Nath is the initiator and torch bearer. Gorakh tradition of spiritual experience is deep rooted in the masses, language and techniques of this tradition are powerful yet simple. Gorakh Nath’s Sabadi, Pad, Gyan Tilak, Gyan Chautisa, Abhaymatra Jog, Atmabodh etc are the available literature.

The very first verse of his Sabadi is so powerful that it has all Upanishadic essence and glory.

Basati Na Shunyam, Shunyam Na Basati Agam Agochar Aisa I

Gagan Sishar mahi Balak Boley Taka Nav Dharahuge Kaisa II

This verse talks straight about the nature of the Param Tatva (‘Supreme Being’). Param Tatva being the ultimate creator, preserver and destroyer is the force that is not possible to be experienced with our limits of senses.

Basati na Shunyam Shunyam Na Basati

Gorakh says, the nature of the supreme being is such that you can not accommodate the supreme being in the ultimate void (Basati Na Shunyam) in which the universe is experiencing its existence. Shunya is zero. Zero means nothing left after it. Hence Zero means everything. And Zero in terms of universal reality is the ultimate void in which the universal existential dance is taking place. Gorakh says that the Supreme being who created this universe does not fit into this ultimate void (Shunya). It is even bigger and beyond it. And the big void does not fit into it too. Hence the supreme being is so vast that there is no measure to fathom its vastness.

Many Upanishads speak of such existential reality with the help of numerous examples. Ishavasya Upanishad, Prashopanishad talk of nature of the Supreme Being beyond the abilities of human senses to understand it.

Agam Agochar Aisa

Further says Gorakh, that the origin of the Supreme Being is not known. It is ‘Agam’. i.e. one doesn’t know from where and when it is originated. It means the Supreme Being is always there. There is no origin / beginning and end to it.

The Supreme Being is ‘Agochar’. It means it can not be understood fully with our parts of the body and senses. Hence our senses are so limited that the nature of the Supreme Being is simply beyond their capacity to ‘sense’ it.

Gagan Sishar mahi Balak Boley

Gorakh Nath uses a very unique phrase to explain further the nature of the Supreme Being. He says that it is like a small child speaking with his voice in the vastness of the sky. Symbolism associated with the child reflects many times in the spiritual literature. A child is ‘unconditioned’ existence. Child is life force with no conditioning of ‘Maya’ or illusion. Hence Gorakh says that the Supreme Being is the true existence like a child whose voice is spread all over the universe. The Supreme Being is ultimate Truth.

Taka Nav Dharahuge Kaisa

And lastly, in the first verse of the Sabadi, Gorakh Nath says that such Supreme Being, which is so vast, so huge that no timeline can bound it, so unlimeited in its expression that no senses can sense it, such an ultimate truth that you just can not name it. The Supreme Being is beyond Nam – Roop.

Shubham Bhavatu!

Yogi Arwind

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