Monday, September 19, 2011

Rivers are Life

It looked reddish. But was transparent. You could see through the stones and base... I drank this water. It was energizing. Unbelievable taste. It was water from one of the numerous rivers of Chapada Diamantina of Bahia, Brazil. I was told that it was because of high iron content in the water. So I had natural mineral water. Not fake...People who drink it have many health benefits like no anemia, hair grow well, strong joints etc.

During my walk in these less traveled forests, I found rivers red and blue, black and green. All with different minerals and ever-flowing. A bare foot walk of more than 70 kilometers was no doubt an unmatched meditation. More importantly it was such a lovely embrace by mother nature. She did not keep me thirsty throughout the journey. I would feel thirsty and a beautiful stream of water, river, waterfall would be there to provide me 'natural mineral water'.

From New York to Mumbai and Sao Paulo to Varanasi, rivers all over the world are fighting the battle of survival. The battle against those whom they feed, whose thirst they quench. Its battle against those whose civilization was given birth, nurtured and flourished by these eternal divine flows of 'life'.

The battle is imposed on them. The battle is one sided. Rivers have never denied 'to give'. The rivers have never denied to 'flow'. The rivers have never denied to 'water crops'. The rivers which are source of happiness of life are being treated like sewage canals in the 'Modern Developed World.' In the world where the level of knowledge is limited to 'water comes from the tap'.

In our day to day life we are so busy in 'earning money'. The money which we use for joy and happiness in our life. The real source of joy and happiness is an environment around. Its the rivers, trees, animals, birds, pure air.... We shall respect these elements and gain the real joy by being with them. By protecting them.

Ganga Stuti says - Bhagavati Tav Tire.... O' Goddess, River Ganga... just by your sight and bathing in you, all obstacles of life go away and doors of paradise open.

May the doors of paradise open for us.
May we make Mother Earth, the paradise - by respecting our rivers...

Shubham Bhavatu!

(Here are some pictures of my recent visit to Brazil:

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