Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hope in the crumbling times...

The current phase that mankind is going through, I call as crumbling times. All that was made to believe is crumbling. The institutions are falling apart. Businesses are crumbling. Media myths are exposed. Value systems are being re shaped. Belief systems are questioned. Anything and everything that ruled over us through the organised form is clearly in doubtful existence.

In terms of Economics, the exploitation of resources and the resultant shaping of the world is in serious doubt. The imbalance that has been caused by the exploitation of resources has started taking its toll. Weather is changing, health of humans and animals is degrading, more natural disasters are happening.... When so much uncertainty and negativity is getting spread around, what is the ray of hope for the mankind?

In these interesting transition times, some developments have caught my attention. Few months before major floods took place in the Himalayas and thousands of human and animal lives were lost. It was huge devastation. Though the lives lost, stood strong in the calamity was the thousands of years old temple of Lord Shiva in Kedarnath, the powerful energy spot!

Majestic Kedarnath Temple standing unscathed amidst the debris after devastating floods in the Himalayas.
Photo Courtesy: Tilak Soni

Fox News published the picture of devastating typhoon in Philippines that took place in November 2013, where the Church was standing tall and mostly without any real damage while the surrounding was totally destroyed.

The Holy Cross in the Church is not damaged in the natures furry in recent cyclone in Philippines though the bigger structures were damaged around and thousands lost their lives.
Photo Courtesy : Fox News

Recently, I came across the picture of Tsunami that hit South East Asian countries few years before, where the Mosque was intact while the concrete structures around were totally destroyed.

The Mosque stands still despite the devastation around by the strong Tsunami.
Photo Courtesy : 

All these images are a strong message for mankind. The same mankind which is busy fighting over religious, national, racial, linguistic identities and so on. The same mankind that is insanely illusionary about its conquer over the nature through so called scientific advancements. The same mankind, in the name of economic development, is busy digging Mother Earth, cutting huge trees, polluting  the air and water, the same mankind that has gone so far from its true nature of harmonious existence with the fellow beings in the universe.

Be it a temple, church, mosque or any other place of worship, the message is clear and loud. The divine energy is the same, though named different by ignorant humans. It's the place of high energy that has remained intact and the divisive, illusionary beings have blown away. Drowned away.

Any place of worship is a high energy spot, not only because of the deity in the place, but mainly because the immense faith of the devotees who visit the place. The place of worship gets its strength through the pure intentions of the believers. This belief is the strongest force apparently represented as devotion to a specific religious figure of worship, but ultimately it's the recognition and respect to the 'supreme consciousness' which is beyond any identity.

So the message is strong and clear, let's build the spots of such high energy everywhere. Not through the bricks and concrete but through the unconditional faith in the supreme energy. Such energy fields when increase in numbers and ultimately cover every part of the universe, rest assured, we have lived the divine will of protecting and preserving the universe and being in harmony with it!

Let's build the energy fields around us through good intentions, through soft and pleasing language, through respect for the living and non living beings, through good karma, by abandoning divisive methods and means, by planting trees, by taking care of needy and under privileged, by being kind and compassionate...

Let's build the energy fields.
Lets revive the miraculous universe!


Shubham Bhavatu.

Yogi Arwind
(In Seminyak Bali, Indonesia)

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