Thursday, May 1, 2014

Arrogance of a Yogi

Well, every single impression on the canvass of life generates questions. The most generic form of this question could be ' who am I?' Or what is the purpose of life?

If one asks me was I not a yogi before the wandering that I undertook, I won't answer in affirmation or denial. I would say, my enquiry was on even before the wandering. Yes the backdrop was different. The setting of life was different.

And what does a yogi mean?
Is it about his attire?
Is it about the affiliation to a religious sect?
Is it about subscription to some established ideology?

Well, yogi is an enquirer.
A persistent enquirer.
Enquiry into the self.
And this enquiry can happen in any situation.
So the asceticism, or materialistically indulgent or any other way of life is not a prerequisite to be a yogi.

This enquiry into the Self generates answers that makes one fearless, confident, well tuned with the divine arrangement.

And when you are in tune with or in sync with the divine plan, things happen as a flow. Efforts are reduced. Wisdom drives the decision making.

With less effort when results are achieved, there is always possibility of judgemental folly.

And you start getting used to achieving with less effort and subscribing it to 'your own ability'. So the achievements which are product of divine grace and result of your non-karma existence, you start ascribing it to your actions!

This judgemental anomaly leads to the rise of arrogance of a yogi!

The thin lines between Karma and non-karma vanish and slowly the yogis starts believing that's the superficial means that are followed by him are the factors that are leading to the results which many a time appear as miracles. So the happening of a miracle which is purely due to divine grace, a yogi starts believing that it is by the grace of his actions!

This elevates the arrogance of a yogi.  The self enquiry gets shadowed by this rise of arrogance. The wisdom gets eclipsed and the Maya succeeds in bringing back the yogi into her fold from the state of self realisation.

If a yogi doesn't acknowledge and respond to this problem, of course he invites a bigger mess in his journey of the supreme union. The union is far away, even the walk there becomes tiring and full of obstacles.

Yogi has to be blissfully one with the god. Apparently there may be different colours of his life perceived by the world around. Yogi is his self. How the world perceives him is not his business. The moment he tries to associate with perceptions, his arrogance is going to to rise as he may falsely believe that I have been doing so much for people but it's not acknowledged by society.

Yogi shall resort to the basics. He shall go back to the initial stages of enquiry where supreme belief in the godly consciousness Is the only reality of his existentially. To reach there, a yogi must shed away all the illusionary relations that have affected his process of enquiry adversely.

Yogi must surrender.
Yogi shall just deny his illusionary supremacy.
Yogi shall simply acknowledge his ordinary being.
Yogi shall temporarily wear the veil of swadhyay - spiritual practice.
Yogi shall go back to his penance.
Yogi shall delve into the supreme oneness only and nothing else.
And all this should happen in any given surrounding.

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