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हम परदेसी पंछी बाबा (Hum Pardesi Panchhi Baba)

(One of the very insightful bhajans of Kabir interpreted by Rangi Arwind)

हम परदेसी पंछी बाबा, अणी देसरा नाही
Hum pardesi panchhi baba, ani desara nahi.
(I am from the foreign land my dear and not from here!)

Realized soul recognizes that the soul (the real force of the human existence) is from somewhere else - from the domain of supreme consciousness. It expands beyond the physical reality which is defined as the local land (individual consciousness). The key to existence is divine grace. The moment the grace evaporates, existence ceases. This grace is represented by soul which can not be identified by our senses but its there! So a realized yogi who identifies himself with the soul and not with the body, says that the 'subtlest' life force -Atman is the reality and not the gross body. Gross body here is called as a local land and Soul as the bird from far!
Hence the realized soul says - I am from the foreign land my dear and not from here!

Rangi Arwind at Kunjapuri (Himalaya)
अणी देसरा लोग अचेता पल पल पर पछ्ताई भाई संतो
Ani desara log acheta pal pal par pachhtaai bhai santo
(And listen dear saints, the people from local land repent every moment)

Sufferings are experienced because one identifies his existence with the body - the gross one. And gross is bound tho undergo sufferings as it is measurable. Those who suffer will obviously repent for the experience. They will repent that they have not grown beyond bodily identification and hence are suffering!

मुख बिन गाना, पग बिन चलना, बिन पंख उड जाई हो 
Mukh bin gaana, pag bin chalana, bin pankh ud jaai ho
(one would sing without mouth, would walk without feet, and would fly without wings)

Soul is powerful. Soul is powered by supreme soul - the supreme consciousness. And this all pervasive, omnipotent force can make anything and everything happen. Bodily consciousness would limit ones power of manifestation to the the bodily organs and senses but 'soul' identity won't require bodily organs at all. Hence for such joyful creature, its possible to experience the joy of singing, wandering, flying etc just by imagination. He doesn't need to actually walk, sing or fly with the body! 
So here actually Kabir is trying to explain Vibhuti characteristics explained by Patanjali in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Where a realized yogi can do miracles - not for public display but as a part of his evolutionary yogic journey!

बिना मोह की सुरत हमारी, अनहद मे रम जाई हो
Bina moh ki surat humari, anahad mein ram jaai ho
(My identity is one that is unattached, who is constantly engaged in divine pursuit)

Yogi reaches the bliss of samadhi or constant 'experience of soulfulness' by non-attachment. attachments stall ones progress in spiritual evolution. Attachments keep one busy at body and mind level where disers and efforst to manifest them become core theme of life. And desires appear in chain which keep one engaged in illusionary world. Yogi on the path of 'self-realization' has to be detached and one-centered! Patanjali maharaj says that abhyasvairagyabhaym tannirodhah. the modulations of mind can be restrained by persistent self study and supreme detachment.

छाया बैठू अगनी व्यापे धूप अधिक सितलाई हो 
Chhaya baithu agani vyape, dhoop adhik sitlaai ho
(when one sits in shadow, he can feel heat of fire and in the sun, he experiences coolness)

For a ordinary human who is engrossed with various desires, even in the shadow, there will be experience of sunburn (uneasiness) or even in the sun he will feel cold - because his mind is busy, constantly working. Master yogi would rise above duality. He won't experience heat or cold as a normal human being would do. ideally he would master over the bodily experiences of heat and cold. These experiences in yogic language are called as Urmi. They actually are the food/ inspiration behind bodily being. These Urmi are hunger & thirst, heat & cold and desire & attachment. Master yogi would rise above these six urmis and attain the siddhi where he can experience cold in heat and sunburn in the shadow!

छाया धूप से सतगुरु न्यारा, मै सतगुरु के भाई 
Chhaya Dhoop se satguru nyaara, main satguru ke bhai
(Guru is unique force than the experience of duality of shadow and sun. I am with the Guru who guides to Truth!)

Experience of duality is ordinary experience. Divine truth would expand ones consciousness to an extent where the duality ends and supreme oneness pervades. Such experience is possible through a guru when one derails on the path of detachment and self study. Hence the real seeker is committed to a guru who guides one experience the truth.

आठो पहर अडक रहे आसन, कदे न उतरे शाही
Aathau pahar adak rahe asan kade na utare shahi
(All the time I ll be meditating and would experience the bliss of 'Royal Self')

During one's yogic journey - which is not result oriented but directed towards the 'wider' experience, towards experiencing the divine vastness - determination is important. consistency is important hence a yogi would be meditating / focusing on the Supreme consciousness with determination all hours of the day. The only thought in his mind is God, God and God! When this happens, it is like a royal ride -Shahi! All majestic and colorful.  

Sadhu in meditation
मन पवन दोनो नही पहुंचे, उन्ही देस के माही 
Man pavan dono nahi pahunche unhi des ke maahi
(When yogi establishes his one-pointedness on god, the waves of mind or power of wind can not destabilize)

When the state of samadhi, which is a constant experience of bliss, and not glimpses of it - is achieved, the seeker is firmly established in Supreme Consciousness. And then nothing can deviate him from there. In that country of supreme consciousness, mind and wind can not reach. 

निरगुण रूप है मेरे दाता, सरगुण नाम धराई 
Nirgun roop hain mere daata, sargun naam dharai
(Supreme consciousness has no form, it only takes form for a while)

The realized yogi knows that the nature of god is -formless, shapeless, tasteless - i.e. beyond senses. The 'form' or name is temporary for a less conscious being to understand. Form is just the few attributes of god that are used by seeker as -a step - to understand the wider nature of god!

कहे कबीर सुनो भाई साधो, साहब है घट माही
Kahe Kabir suno bhai sadho, sahab hain ghat maahi.
(And says Kabir, listen O' Sadhu, the Supreme Lord resides in you!)

Rangi Arwind
Kunjapuri, Rishikesh 

You can listen this bhajan sung by Rangi Arwind here:

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